« Ours menus are a sequence of dishes designed not only to capture  an exciting range of flavours, textures and aromas, but also to bring out an emotion,  so Follow the chef  in his world of discoveries and let your senses take you into a place where art and nature come together »

For dinner

Please note that  according to the chosen menu this journey might take up to 3 hours

6 Courses menu : 66€ or   92€  with wine pairing.

8 Courses menu: 79€  or  113€  with winespairing.

The menu can not be tailored to all dietary needs, anyway it is advisable to notify us of any special requests when booking.


Like me in my choice of products, our wine selection  comes mainly from independent growers who have like philosophy, biodynamics, organic farming or sustainable agriculture, only the combination of culture Organic and a natural winemaking allows to  develop authentic wines.

More than an exchange, we talk about partnership, with the complicity of a winemaker who, through his wines, we discover a region, all with a wine made ​​from grapes from a true soil. This soil is composed of a multitude of factors such as soil, wind, grape, geology, climate, but also, according to some, the character of the winemaker…..

Sustainable agriculture : Appeared in the early 1990s, farming has official recognition since 2002. For producers, this is part of an optical respect for the environment. It is a voluntary process with no obligation or control.

Organic farming: The organic farming is based on the rejection of all chemicals, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. To be certified, the areas must submit to regular inspections by an accredited organization. It takes 3 years to convert a field to organic farming, the first certified organic harvest is that of the 4th year after stopping use of chemicals. Cultivating his vines organically requires more labor.

Biodynamics: Biodynamic agriculture is a branch of organic farming based on the work of Rudolph Steiner, founder in 1920 of anthroposophy: land is seen as a set of living and the winemaker strives to promote soil life which in turn will give him good grapes. The number of fields in biodynamics is extremely low (<10% organic surfaces), whereas they are often very significant areas in terms of quality